ASEL-300 Offline Selective Sodering Machine

ASEL-300 Offline Selective Sodering Machine

Part Number: asel-300 Clock fast Lead Time: 35 days

ASEL-300 Compact, flexible, flux / preheating / soldering all in one, offline selective soldering machine. Solder pot and flux sprayer is fixed, PCB is moved by x/y/z with servo motor, inline n2 heating system, Soldering path and fluxing path can be programming by PC, Live-on camera is optional to show the soldering process.
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Main Features

Draw line or dot in
scanned board picture for path programming
  • English Windows based software programming.
  • Soldering moving speed, wave height, solder temperature etc are programmable for different components.
  • Live on camera is optional to show soldering process at screen.
  • X/Y/Z table was droved by Panasonic servo motor & servo driver.
  • Standard equipped with "Ti" solder pot tank, best choice for lead free solder.
  • Max PCB size for ASEL-300 is 280x280 mm, the PCB is loaded by hand.
  • Standard equipped with flux sprayer which can meet minim dia. 10mm dot at PCB. Optional for drop jet fluxer.
  • Standard equipped with inline "n2" heating system, all "n2" come to solder pot will be heated.
  • Different dia. soldering nozzle available, customized nozzle are available too.
ASEL 300 Processing


ASEL 300 Processing 1
Servo motor ,ball screw and linear rail for x,y ,z axis motion system,all motion system like ball screw, linear rail from best brand HIWIN in Taiwan.
ASEL 300 Processing 1
Cast aluminium for movement parts, providing a light & strong solution so to make sure machine can run at higher speed than competitors.


ASEL 300 Processing 1
Standard equipped with spray nozzle from Japan, which can meet minium dia 10mm flux dot dimension.and Pressure flux tank with regulating valve to make sure flux is always under same pressure, so to provide stable fluxing performance.
ASEL 300 Processing 1
Optional with drop jet valve from Germanny originally, which can meet dia 2mm flux dot dimension.
ASEL 300 Processing 1
Pressure flux tank with regulating valve to make sure flux is always under same pressure, so to provide stable fluxing performance.


ASEL 300 Processing 1
Bottom preheating zone, before soldering PCB will move here to heat up setting time under setting temperature.


ASEL 300 Processing 1
Titanium soldering pot, 100% capable for lead free application. Standard equipped with mechanical pump, easy for maintenance.
ASEL 300 Processing 1
N2 direct heating system is standard equipped, can heat N2 to 350 c degree, enhance the wetting ability for lead free sodlering.
ASEL 300 Processing 1
Optional with live camera can show soldering process in real time.
ASEL 300 Processing 1
Can specially design solder nozzle for cusotmer's application, refer below samples. And specially designed groove for nozzle, can get a high & stable solder head, especially usually for fine pitch soldering. With right application, it can handle 0.5mm clearance pad.


ASEL 300 Processing 1
All brand electrical parts,such as Panasonic servo & driver , ABB box relay and contacts , Swiss Carlos SSR etc, all wiring cetificated by CE .
ASEL 300 Processing 1
Customized software to edit ,set, and operate, can programming with scanned picture as background, easy and friendly.


Operating power/Max power 2KW/5KW
PCB dimension 50x50 --- 280x280mm
Machine dimension 910(W)*1100(D)*1275(H)
Net weight 350KG
Power supply 1PH 220V 50HZ
Air supply 3 - 5 bars
Exhausting required 200M3/h
Axes of Motion X, Y, Z
Motion Control Servo motors for X,Y,Z
Position Accuracy + / - 0.05mm
Standard Solder Stations 1
Solder Pot Capacity 15 kgs
Solder Temperature Control PID
Heat-Up Time 20 Minutes
Max Temperature 380 C
Solder Pot heater 3kw
Mini Wave Nozzles Dia 2 to 8mm
Customized nozzle Available
Nozzle Material Proprietary Alloy
N2 heater Standard Equipped
N2 Temp PID Control Range 0 - 350 C
Required N2 Purity | Oxygen O2 < 20 PPM
Spray Flux Nozzle Standard equipped with sprayer nozzle with can meet dia 10mm dot at PCB
Spray Flux Durability High Durability Stainless Steel
Flux Capacity 1L
Flux Tank Constant pressure tank
IR heater 2kw
Industrial PC Yes
Typical Program Time 10 Minutes
Program method Setting by Displayer
Controlling system Industrial PC