Automatic Soldering Robots H352

Automatic Soldering Robots H352

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Accuracy and quality of soldering is important, manual soldering, even with the most skilled operator, cannot make the consistent results of a soldering robots. These are the points to be considerer to achieve quality soldering : Stable Soldering tip for the Stabilization of Solder Amount, worker skills, uneven heat supply, etc. automated robotic soldering is the solutions that meet the demands of applications that are too challenging for hand soldering
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With the Automatic Soldering Robot H352, when adding components, you will prevent problems like solder bridging, cold solder, etc. the robot come standard with High precision, solder wire feeding system with wire piercing wheel that can reach 0.1mm feeding accuracy and reduce the problem of flux remaining on PCB after soldering . Robot soldering produce high quality soldering, are reliable, and 100% repeatability.

Main Features

Tin cleaning system,
compressed air clean method
  • 400W high frequency heating system ,quick temperature recovery, heating element adopt silver wire which Last longer.
  • Self-developed, precision solder wire feeder, the minimum feeding length that can be reached is 0.1mm, with broken tin function which can reduce flux remaining issues after soldering .
  • Soldering tip, various tips can meet different application , customized tips are also available.
  • Control system, PC control, equipped with touch screen and remote controller for programming, easy to operate , and stable running.
  • X/Y/Z/R movements, step motor and driver controlled by PC and control card, rotary axis is more flexible to handle dead angle soldering problem.

Software Key Features

Programming method, teach programming by remote controller, easy to operate like playing games
  • Operation system and software, Self-developed advanced software based on windows 7 operation system, all parameters can be set in one program, such as moving path, solder wire feeding quantity, soldering time etc ,very easy to use.
  • Parameter setting, soldering route, soldering spot type, solder wire feeding length, velocity, soldering time, moving speed, etc. all the parameter can be set on the software.

Software function Key Features

Route display, route can be display on the 12" touch screen
  • User management, operator , administrator , manufacturer ,3 level authority management.
  • Positioning and offset correction, single point positioning and update, whole coordinate offset correction, Z R, axis same set function ,easy for programming.
  • Setting soldering point type, different types of soldering points can be sorted out on the software , same type of soldering point parameter can be modified simultaneously.
  • Array copy, Array copy function can greatly reduce programming time.
  • X/Y/Z axis coordinate compensation, specially designed x/y/z coordinate compensation function which can avoid obstacles when tips come to soldering pad.

Options for this Robot

  • Movable fume cover, can be connected with fume extracting system.
  • Fume extractor, compact extractor with high efficiency filter provide a clean environment.
  • Customized PCB fixture, Customized PCB fixture can be made according to PCB and drawing.
  • Customized solder wire feeder, 0.3-0.6mm ,1.6mm solder wire feeder are also convenient which can meet different application requirements.
  • Upgrade to 600W solder station sets.


MODEL H352 H351
Axes 6-axis (X/Y1/Y2/Z/R/wire feeder) 5-axis(X/Y/Z/R/wire feeder)
Equipment Travel 240*320*90mm*330°*2 PCBs 320*320*90mm*330°
Running Speed (X/Y/Z/R) Max X/Y/Z:800mm/s R:180°/s Max X/Y/Z:800mm/s R:180°/s
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Load 10KG 10KG
Program Recording Capability Unlimited Unlimited
Display Mode 12 "LCD screen 12 "LCD screen
System Platform Windows 7 OS professional Windows 7 OS professional
Operation Touch Screen + Wireless Remote Touch Screen + Wireless Remote
Motion System Step motor Step motor
Temperature Range 100℃~450℃ 100℃~450℃
Solder Wire Feeding System Independent drive and Stepper motor Independent drive and Stepper motor
Min Solder Wire Feeding Length 0.1mm 0.1mm
Solder Wire Feeding Tube 0.8mm;1.0mm;1.2 mm (optional 0.3-0.6,1.6mm) 0.8mm;1.0mm;1.2mm (optional 0.3-0.6, 1.6mm)
Power Supply Single-phase AC:220V/110V f:50HZ/60HZ Single-phase AC:220V/110V f:50HZ/60HZ
Air Pressure 0.4-5kg/cm² 0.4-5kg/cm²
Work Environment 0 -40℃ 0 -40℃
Machine Size(mm) L750*W583*H854mm L600*W587*H848mm
Weight 105KG 85KG