ESS-500 Selective Soldering Machines

ESS-500 Selective Soldering Machines

Part Number: ESS-500 Clock fast Lead Time: 4 weeks Pdf file Data Sheet

If you are considering automating your selective soldering process, then you need to consider the ESS Selective Soldering Machines. The cost of entry into automated, batch, selective soldering has never been easier with the ESS Selective Soldering Machines.
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Designed for short run, mixed technology applications, the ESS500 Selective Soldering Machines will provide the throughput, accuracy, and reliability you are looking for to improve the productivity of your selective soldering process.

Main Features

  • All-inclusive system - Flux, Preheat, Solder
  • Through-hole soldering flexibility - single point, drag, mini-wave, or dip soldering
  • Reproducible, "zero defect" solder joints
  • On-board, touch screen interface for easy instrument set-up, programming, and parameter control
  • Save machine setup time and increase productivity with off-line programming with photoscan and Gerber software
  • Flexibility with wettable and specialty nozzles


Max. PCB Size 500 x 500mm (19.7” x 19.7”)
Max. Clearance on Solder Side* 25mm (1”)*
Max. Transport Speed 6m/min
Transport Angle 0° fi xed
Position accuracy above fl uxer, preheater, and solder nozzle ± 0.1mm (± 0.004”)
Precision Spray Fluxer Module
Flux Tank 2L Stainless Steel & Fittings, including Flux Level Montioring
Flux Speed Max. 6m/min
Spray Width (Nozzle diameter 0.3mm) 3mm - 6mm (0.12” - 0.24”)
Preheat Module
100% IR Preheat 1200W
Solder Module
Nozzles Wettable, Special
Smallest Nozzle Diameter 4.0mm on Wettable Nozzles
Min. Neighbor Component Clearance* 1.5 - 3mm (0.06” - 0.12”) depending on nozzle type*
Solder Capacity 400°C (725°F)
Warm-up Time Approx. 45 minutes
Nitrogen Technology
N 2 Supply (bottles, tank, or generator suitable, supplied by user) N 2-covering over solder bath & pump unit
N 2 Pressure 2 bar (30 psi)
N 2 Consumption 0.8 - 1.7 CFM (23 - 49 litres/min) dependent on nozzle and nozzle shroud
Pressure 5.5 bar (80 psi)
Electrical Data
Power 220 VAC, 1Ø, 15A
Max. Power Consumption 3.0kW
Max. Fuse Rate 16A
Exhaust Power (supplied by customer) 150 m3/hour
Exhaust Duct 100mm (4”) in dia.
Size Dimensions 1440mm L x 1250mm W x 1400mm H (56.7” x 49.2” x 55.1”)
Weight 403kg (887 lbs.)