Solder Dross Separator SDS-10M

Solder Dross Separator SDS-10M

Part Number: SDS-10M Clock fast Lead Time: 45 days Pdf file Data Sheet

The solder dross separator SDS-10M has a patented mixing and separation system which make separation more efficient and easier for operation, it is a best solution for separation of solder dross.
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Solder Dross Separator

Main Features

  1. Compact in size, all stainless steel and is easy to maintain.
  2. Solder pot is made of corrosion resisting SS 316 material with has a long service life.
  3. The unit uses a "U" shape heater covered cast iron heating plate, which will avoid deformation.
  4. Patented mixing and separation system for improved separation efficiency.
  1. Machine will alarm when separated solder is in the cabin and reaches the full volume. This indicates to discharge the solder.
  2. Machine is equipped with 2 sets of molding tray, which are convenient for forming solder bars.
  3. Separated tin oxide ash will collect in a separate box, for easy disposal.
  4. OMRON temperature controller and SSR relay ensure accurate temperature control and long service life.


Mixing Motor 1φ220V 90W
Feeding Port Capacity <10KG Dross
Mixing Capacity of Bottom Tin 70KG
Temperature Range RT+10-350℃
Heating-Up Time 60 minutes
Separating Speed Continuous15kg/60min
Dimension Including Handcart L700 mm * W1000 mm * H1050 mm
Total Power Consumption 4.3KW
Normal Running Power 1.2KW
Power 1φ220V 60Hz
Net Weight Approximate * 110kg


Normally the wave solder dross yield will be 80%. To recovery 1kg dross of lead free solder, it will save $US29x80% = $23.2 dollars per Kg of dross. Dross generated during a 10 hour periods is about 5 to 6 kg depending on how the operator removes the material from the machine. Savings range from $110 to $130 per day.