SynTECH-N No Clean Solder Paste

SynTECH-N No Clean Solder Paste

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Manufactured by Amtech, the SynTECH-N solder paste was designed for stencil printing. SynTECH will give you long stencil life, wide reflow window, good wetting compatibility and clear residue. Designed for the stencil printing process, one of the most important parts in the printed circuit board assembly process.
  • Low voiding
  • Synthetic materials
  • Stencil life > 10 hours
  • Wide reflow window
  • Excellent wettabilitty compatibility
  • Compatible with enclosed printing heads
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The NC650 No Clean Solder Paste is a modified rosin based solder paste, which allows a previously unseen level of repeatability and consistency. This solder paste offers an excellent open time, extended abandon time and good soldering activity with pin probable post soldering residues.

Main Features

Pin- Probable Residue
  • ROL0 to ANSI/J-STD-004
  • Enhanced activity for tough to solder printed circuit boards and components
  • Excellent slump resistance
  • High speed stencil printing up to 100mm/sec
  • Enhanced tack performance and printer open time
  • Extended “between-print” abandon time


The performance of solder paste depends in part on the metal content, solder alloy and the solder particle size range. Increasing metal content reduces the tendency to slump and reduces the tack life of the solder paste, while the solder balling performance improves.

Refrigeration and storage

It is recommended to store the NC650 solder paste at 5-10°C. The solder paste should be removed from cold storage a minimum of 8 hours in the unopened container prior to use. If the solder paste does not reach room temperature, it may stick to the stencil, not deposit onto the SMT pads, de-wet pads during reflow, outgas during reflow, or produce solder balls. Avoid direct sunlight.


The SynTECH solder paste is currently available for stencil printing down to 16 mil (0.4mm) pitch devices with type 3 powder (-325+500 mesh). Printing at up to 100 mm/sec. can be reliably achieved in production using a metal squeegee blade. This is due to a unique rheology, which ensures that the higher shear rate viscosity is relatively low and the thixotropic index is high enough to ensure excellent definition and slump resistance, while maintaining good roll and drop off behavior. High squeegee pressures are not required, making the SynTECH No Clean solder paste particularly useful for second side printing processes.

Handling and shelf life

The optimum temperature and humidity are 75°F and 60% or below respectively. Provided SynTECH-N solder paste is stored tightly sealed in the original container at 5-10°C, a minimum shelf life of 6 months can be expected. Air shipment is recommended to minimize the time that containers are exposed to higher temperatures.


Reflow should be performed at 35-40°C above the liquid temperature of the alloy (depending on the type of ). This temperature should be maintained for 30-45 seconds. Profiles should have less than a 3-minute preheat time above 260°F(130°C) to insure proper wetting of fine pitch leads.


If cleaning is required, use a semi-aqueous solvent or DI water with a saponifier such as Florida Cirtech RA2000 (saponifier concentration 4-6% @ 120-150°F).

Health & Safety

This product, during handling or use, may be hazardous to health or the environment. Read the Material Safety Data Sheet and warning label before using this product.


The SynTECH solder paste is also available in: 500gram gram plastic jar. 1Kilogram, 500 gram or 250 gram cartridge for direct application. DEK ProFlow cassettes available upon request.


Viscosity (measured at 25C using Brookfield Viscometer 670,000) 670,000cps
Print Speed 20-100 mm/sec.
Squeegee Blade yes
80 to 90 durometer or stainless steel
Stencil Material Stainless Steel,Molybdenum, Brass,Nickle Plated
Temperature/Humidity Optimal ranges are 70-77F and 35-65%RH
Stencil Life (20C @ 45% RH) +24 Hours
Tack Life +48 Hours
Tack Force 1.6 grams/mm2
Room Temp., 1 hour  
0.7mm pads 0.2mm
1.5mm pads 0.2mm
80°C, 20 minutes  
Note: Slump is expressed as the minimum spacing between pads that does not allow bridging.
Abandon Time  
20 mil and greater >4 hours
16 mil and less (10 mil aperture) 2 hour
(8 mil or less aperture) 1 hour
Flux Activity (per ANSI/J-STD-006) ROL0
Copper Mirror (per IPC-J-STD-004) Pass
Copper Plate Corrosion (per ANSI/JSTD-004) Pass
Typical SIR, IPC @ 96 hours (per IPC-J-STD-004) Pass (>2.0 X 10-9 ohms)
Typical SIR, IPC @ 168 hours (per IPC-J-STD-004)= Pass (>1.5 X 10-9 ohms)