TR-FCDE-728-2 Dry Cabinets

TR-FCDE-728-2 Dry Cabinets

Part Number: TR-FCDE728-2A Clock fast Lead Time: 35 days Pdf file Data Sheet

Dry cabinets are practical, inexpensive solutions to control and prevent, moisture, they protect, and kept dry your moisture absorbent materials such as electronic components, circuit boards, films, Chemical and Medical Materials, and other vulnerable materials.This cabinet provide as well electrostatic discharge function (ESD).

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Dry Cabinets

Main Features

Using 1.0mm Cold-rolled
Steel, 3.2mm tempered glass, lock-key handle
  • LED display; conveniently display temperature (Left/Green) and humidity (Right/Red)
  • Door frame covered with magnet rubber keeps reliable air tightness
  • Special desiccant in DRY-UNIT is semipermanent
  • Humidity controller maintains stable constant humidity
  • Operation in normal temperature, noiseless, long life
  • Fast dehumidifying speed, the humidity of inner cabinet can drop down in several minutes with the nitrogen cabinet TR-DG-728-2(A)
  • Sturdy and durable shelf is movable up and down and slip layer board make the interspaces adjustable
  • Energy saving design: low electricity consumption resurgence, no heating, no condensation dripping, absence of fan noise


Humidity control Range 1-10%RH
External Size(mm)(mm) W600*D710*H1920
Inner Size(mm) W598*D680*H1738
Material & Finishing Cabinet: high quality steel plate; Hard-coated resin paint Door: Glass window Powerful magnet rubber seal maintain high airtight
Max Capacity 728 Liter
Power Consumption(W/H) 0.5-47W/H(MAX370W) - (AC 220V)
Power Source AC110-115V(50/60HZ) or AC220-240V(50/60HZ)
Removal Shelf 5 (material: steel or stainless)
Door Key 2
Hygrometer 1
Caster 4
Color Black