We are experts in PCB design with a solid reputation in high speed digital, analog, and RF markets for single, double, and high layer count boards. Whether your project entails high speed constraint-driven requirements or basic I/O, our staff has the expertise to deliver a comprehensive design package that is well-managed, on-time, and right the first time.

How To Get Started

Simply give us a call or send us an email. We are here to help.
Phone number: (800) 348-9250 Email:

We have extensive experience with the following CAD software:

  • Altium (Altium Designer)
  • Cadence (ORCAD & ALLEGRO)
  • Autodesk (EAGLE)
  • Mentor Graphics (PADS)

Services Provided

  • We can take schematics in any form (pdf, sketch, etc.) and convert them into an a electronics proper CAD format.
  • Design rules communicated at the schematic level.
  • Custom footprint design to meet your needs.
  • Compete BOMs and part pricing for each design.
  • Fabrication Drawing, Assembly and Gerber files to meet manufacturing requirements.
  • Rigid/Flex PCB's; complex board shapes can be created.


  • Complete Schematic drawings
  • PCB layer stack drawings.
  • Complete 3D PDF files
  • Fabrication files (Standard format is Gerber Extended; Gerber X2, ODB++, IPC-2581 available upon request)
  • Rout and Drill files
  • Assembly drawings
  • Pick and Place files (Centroid Data)
  • Fabrication specifications (Layer Stacks, Drill Tables and Drawings, etc.)
  • Complete Bill of Materials list (BOM)
  • Other customer specified outputs