In order to do a serious level of board cleaning you will need that the water used for cleaning be completely de-ionizes , called DI water. also that the machine do all functions using DI water during the cleaning process, DI water for rinse, and final rinse. The INCLE-3600 Inline Conveyorized Aqueous Cleaner system, precisely provide al these functions; DI water for cleaning, DI water for Isolation rinse, and final rinse, and drying section, Upper and Lower Re-circulating Bar Sprayers, impact all four sides of the circuit board, Heated Water during the Wash and during the rinse. This machine can be used for chemical cleaning. The pressure, temperature, and conveyor speed; all can be easily controlled from the touch Screen
Money orange $73,600.00
The HS-800 can wash 30 nozzles at one time, using high pressure D.I water for cleaning and drying.
Clock fast Lead Time: 4 weeks Money orange $5,500.00