A wire and a cable are not the same thing. A wire is a single flexible strand or rod of metal (usually copper or aluminum). A cable is a collection of two or more wires bonded or braided together with a protective casing.





Cable assemblies and wire harnesses are similar in the sense that they are both provide protection from electrical flow and they are both used to keep the bundles of wires and cables organized but they are not the same thing. They are used for entirely different purposes. It is important to select the right product based on the requirements of your application.


A wire harness is a group of wires and cables bundled together with a simple exterior covering typically made of thermoplastic or thermoset material. Wire harnesses are very cost effective but they do not provide good protection against moisture, friction and temperature swings.

Wire harness
Cable assembly


Cable assemblies are similar to wire harnesses but the heavy-duty exterior covering is designed to protect interior wires and cables from regular wear and tear and factors like moisture, friction and temperature swings.

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