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PCB Unlimited offers printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) tooling including SMT carriers, wave solder pallets, and a number of other fixtures and tools to meet your process requirements.

We manufacture our PCBA fixtures using three different types of materials:

  1. The traditional heavy-duty ESD composite, pressed fibre, thermoset plastic.
  2. High Tg FR4 is the fiber glass heat resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance material that is used to fabricate printed circuit boards.
  3. Stainless steel is the same material we use to fabricate SMT stencils.

We use the term “production fixtures” to refer to the fixtures fabricated with the thermoset plastic material. They are specially designed for production runs. We use the term “prototype fixtures” to refer to the ones fabricated with high Tg FR4 or stainless steel. They are specially designed for prototyping and short runs. Production fixtures last longer than prototype fixtures but they are more expensive and take longer to make.

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Universal Stencil Fixtures

The universal stencil fixture was cleverly designed to provide the following benefits:
  • Universal board support
  • Designed for double sided PCBs
  • Enhanced registration resulting in better printing
  • Stencil tension resulting in better printing
  • Vertical lift preventing paste smear when removing the stencil
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Universal stencil fixture

SMT Carriers

SMT Carriers can be used during the entire SMT process (printing, placement and reflowing) to support, protect and transport printed circuit boards of different sizes and shapes including flex and rigid-flex PCBs. SMT carriers can help reduce soldering defects, improve repeatability and reduce labor cost.

Stainless Steel FR4 Tg180 Thermoset Plastic
Printing Yes Yes Yes
Placing Yes Yes Yes
Reflowing No Yes Yes
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Surface mount carriers

Wave Solder Pallets

Because of its cost effectiveness and reliability, wave soldering still remains a popular process used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to solder through-hole components. Wave solder pallets are used during wave soldering on circuit boards that require thermal or solder protection. Our wave solder pallets are custom made to meet your particular job requirements.

FR4 Tg180 Thermoset Plastic
Printing Yes Yes
Pick & Place Yes Yes
Oven Yes Yes
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Wave solder pallets

Selective Solder Fixtures

Selective soldering is mainly used for soldering small number of boards with mixed technology (SMT and through-hole components). Selective solder machines use a miniature wave that can solder one though-hole component at the time so there is no need for wave solder pallets. However, sometimes it is necessary to use a selective solder fixture to provide PCB support and improve the overall process.

FR4 Tg180 Thermoset Plastic
Printing Yes Yes
Pick & Place Yes Yes
Oven Yes Yes
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Selective solder fixtures

Press Fit Support Fixtures

Press fixtures support fixtures are used to provide alignment and support to the printed circuit boards during the insertion of press fit connectors. Without a press support fixture, the printed circuit boards and/or the connectors can be damaged due to the insertion force necessary to press the connectors into the boards.

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Press fit fixtures

Custom Fixtures

In addition to the traditional SMT carriers and wave solder pallets, PCB Unlimited can help you design and manufacture any type of custom fixtures for your PCB assembly projects. For a custom quote please email your files to support@pcbunlimited.com

Data Requirements

The data needed to complete a tooling project varies but in general we are going to need the following:

  • Gerber files – Standard or Extended Gerber (RS-274-D or RS-274-X)
  • Fabrication and assembly drawings
  • Bill of Material (BOM) in Excel format