SMT stencil printers are the perfect addition to any assembly line, as they create ease and efficiency. These solder stencil printers help precisely place solder paste where you want it on your printed circuit board without a mess or hassle. These machines come equipped with squeegee blades that assist in spreading an even layer of solder across the PCB.

PCB Unlimited offers a wide selection of SMT stencil printers that can meet all your printed circuit board requirements. For lower volume inventory, individuals can use manual printers; if you have medium volume inventory, a semi-automatic printer will do the trick. Both options suit smaller businesses, and we price them at a more affordable cost. If you have higher inventory to get through, we suggest production volume automatic printers to accommodate your needs. Shop the collection of stencil printer machines from PCB Unlimited today to find one to meet your needs.

The SMTrue(TM) Vision Assist stencil printer is cost efficient and has precise alignment for stencil to printed circuit boards down to 12 mil ultra fine pitch components.
Money orange $13,990.00
The Gold-Print™ SPR-45 automatic SMT stencil printer, similar to the SPR-40, is more automated with its power sweep squeegee and power frame lift for higher volume runs. For fine pitch applications the friendly precision controls make PCB assembly operation simple and easy.
Money orange $9,620.00
The Gold-Print™ SPR-40 is a semiautomatic SMT stencil printer designed for medium volume surface mount assembly. The dual squeegee with individual pressure control makes solder paste deposition on printed circuit boards accurate and repeatable.
Money orange $8,420.00
The Gold-Print™ SPR-25 benchtop manual SMT stencil printer is designed for low to medium volume surface mount prototype printed circuit board assembly runs. Fine X,Y, Z, and theta adjustments for exact stencil to circuit board alignment result in precise, fine pitch printing of solder paste.
Money orange $4,500.00
The SD-360U SMT stencil printer is equipped with a holder that has a unique up and down lift system to position the stencil over the prototype PCB. The stencils do not need mounting holes and fixing a stencil is fast and easy.
Clock fast Lead Time: 4 weeks Money orange $2,698.00
The SD300 Manual SMT Stencil Printer can be used for single as well as double sided boards. PCB assembly will be easier with this cost effective SMT stencil printer.
Clock fast Lead Time: 1 week Money orange $2,100.00
With the SD240 Manual SMT stencil printer board assembly will be easier with these cost effective manual stencil printers. Positioning of the printed circuit board is simple with the use of magnetic placeholders.
Clock fast Lead Time: 1 week Money orange $1,615.00
The Prototype SMT Stencil Printer is a low cost printer specially designed for work with SMT stencils and foils. It is ideal for prototype PCB work and has a quick and easy registration method. L-Shape Holders Not Included.
Clock fast Lead Time: In Stock Money orange $450.00
This automatic printer H4E with automatic vision recognition function using high-precision Servo drive system to achieve fast and accurate alignment, that can reach +/0.01mm of precision.
Clock fast Lead Time: 4 weeks Money orange $30,000.00
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With the SPR-20 Stencil Printer, precise X, Y, Z and theta axis controls allow accurate, consistent deposition of solder paste or masking material for prototype circuit board assembly. This durable easy-to-use SMT printer provides repeatable and reliable results.
Money orange $2,200.00