CM-S21 Pick and Place Machine
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CM-S21 Pick and Place Machine

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The CM-S21 is a high-speed flexible pick and place system with 1 head and 6 Gigabit flying camera with vision centering, significantly improving the placement of the components.Real mounting speed of 10000 CPH, the standard placement accuracy calibration system automatically checks and corrects the pickup point offset, head offset, C/V offset, etc. to allow reliable part placement.
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Main Features

  • With the capacity for 32, 8 mm Electrical high-speed, high precision feeders.
  • Placement accuracy calibration/correction system.
  • 1 head and 6 Gigabit flying camera for motion/vision centering.
  • Big work area for 500 x 300 mm Max PCBs size.
  • Easy to setup software


Model CM-S21
Alignment Fiducial camera + mobile vision and stage vision
Number of Spindles 6 spindles one nozzle for each spindle
Placement Accuracy/Speed 10000 CPH
Smallest Component Capability 0402 ̃ 30 * 25mm - SOP. QFP (H15mm)
Max PCB Size 300 * 500(L)mm
PCB Thickness Min/Max 0.5 - 4mm
Conveyor Left to right only, 900 +/- 20 mm
Max number of Feeder 8mm 32
Placement accuracy ± 50 μm @ μ+3σ(Standard ships)
Power supply/air pressure AC 220V /50HZ, 0.5~0.7Mpa
Power 1.5KW