LS60 Pick and Place Machine
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LS60 Pick and Place Machine

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The most flexible pick and place system, the LS60, offers technologically advanced features with a 13" x 32"  (330mm x 813mm) work area, 96 single feeder positions (up to 144 feeders using bank feeders)
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Main Features

  • The highest quality with the most advanced technology at a cost effective solution
  • Accuracy +/- .001” (0.025mm)
  • Placement rates up to 4800 cph
  • The best GUI (graphical user interface) in its class using Windows based software allows programming in minutes
  • Up to 96 tape feeders, 144 tape positions with bank feeders
  • Accurately places a wide range of components including 0201s, LED’s, BGAs,15mil pitch QFPs, SMT Connectors and many others*
  • Servo driven, position feedback from a 2 micron linear scale coupled with a precision placement head.
  • Integrated system with on-the-fly component centering using Mechanical fingers (Standard) or Laser Technology (Cyberoptics®) (Optional).
  • Cut tape, loose, tube, or tray feeders


Once a specific PCB is programmed, the machine automatically picks up each component from its designated feeder or tray, centers the part via laser Cyberoptics® or centering fingers, moves to the placement location via closed loop servo system, and accurately places the part. The feeders automatically position the next component for pick-up. The automatic tool changer picks up the optimal nozzle for each particular component.


A wide range of components can be placed including 0201s, 0402s, 0603s, 0805s, 1206s, melfs, SO-28 to SO-8s, SOTs, SOICs, (fine pitch) QFPs, BGAs, large PLCCs, sockets and many others

Standard Features

Automatic 4-position nozzle changer with 4 nozzles
  • Friendly easy to use Windows™ interface including software for panelized boards, self diagnostics, error recognition, fault monitoring and more!
  • On-the-fly component centering using centering fingers
  • Fiducial correction
  • The latest pentium PC with flat screen monitor
  • Positional resolution of 0.00008” (2 microns) with closed loop micro step driven motion control and digital encoders
  • The component squaring station enables accurate placement of fine pitch components while protecting fragile leads from damage due to excessive force

Optional Features

  • Linear encoders for ultimateaccuracy and repeatability
  • Universal CAD transfer software
  • Touchless Cyberoptics®laser centering system
  • Secondary 4-position nozzle changer
  • SuperStrip™ feeders for pick-up from short tape strips
  • SmartCount™ electro-optical tape feeders
  • Tube and bulk feeders
  • Tube and bulk feeders
  • Matrix tray holders
  • Bank Feeders (128mm lanes) offer a lower per lane cost and higher 8mm feeder capacity
  • Fully computerized fluid dis-pensing system
  • Micro nozzles or Multi-Micro nozzles for small components
  • Touch screen with enhancedoperator interface Automated Pick & Place


  • Easy to change SmartCount™ electro-optical feeders available for tape, tube, bulk or matrix tray components.
  • Standard tape feeder sizes include 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm, 32mm and 44 mm.
  • Optional 12 position 8 mm bank feeders, capacity can increase by 50%.
  • The vibratory feeder can handle loose and tube components.
  • Unique SuperStrip™ feeders are a convenient way to use short tape strips.
  • Feeder positions are pre-programmed for quick set-up.

Laser Centering

The touchless Cyberoptics® centering option enables fast and accurate placement of the complete range of components.


  • The latest pentium PCs are included with these machines and the software is Windows™ based to allow easy straightforward teach-in, requiring minimal operator training.
  • Multiple (panelized) boards can be programmed using the quick stepand-repeat feature.
  • Using the dual function camera/computer color monitor, standard PC keyboard and mouse, manual programming of a PCB is easy and intuitive.
  • Using CAD data from various layout systems will speed up the teach-in process for boards with many components.

Vision System

The teach-in camera magnifies the positions onto a dual use color monitor. Its built-in vision software provides fiducial correction of misregistered boards.

Fluid Dispenser

Computer controlled in 10 millisecond increments with separate interval/raise-lower speed allows solder paste or adhesive glue to be applied accurately prior to component placement. This time/pressure fluid dispenser has dispense rates up to 10,000 dots per hour.

*with L-GS option (digital scales) Additionally, these pick and place systems come with our solid commitment, easy installation, superior training, service and support!


Max Board Size 13.5" x 32" (343mm x 813mm)
Smallest Component Size 0201 components
Largest Component Size 1.378" (35mm) square body
Placement Accuracy ± 0.001" (0.025mm)
Max Placement Rate 4800 cph
Typical Verifiable Placement Rate 2500-3600 cph
Fine Pitch Capability To 15 mil pitch (0.381mm)
Max Travel Area 22" (X axis) x 32" (Y axis) (560mm x 813mm)
Overall Dimensions 40" x 52" x 53" h (1016mm x 1321mm x 1346.2mm)
Max No of Feeders 8mm Tape 96
Max No of Feeders With L Gb 12 Bank Feeders 144
Tape Feeders 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44 mm (Electrical)
Vibratory Feeders Loose, tube, stick (frequency & amplitude control)
Matrix Tray Feeders With Board/Matrix tray holders
Laser Centering Touchless Cyberoptics® laser
Vision System Color CCD card camera
Dispenser Option Up to 10,000 dots/hour