Prototype SMT Stencil Fixture

Prototype SMT Stencil Fixture

The Prototype SMT Stencil Fixture was designed to function as a prototype stencil printer. It is recommended for prototype and low volume PCB assembly projects.

  • Adjustable board support.
  • Designed for double sided PCBs.
  • Enhanced registration resulting in better printing.
  • Stencil tension resulting in better printing.
  • Vertical lift to prevent the solder paste from smearing when removing the stencil.

Pricing Information

Unit Price:

Total: $395.00

Made in usa Made in the USA

We manufacture the Prototype SMT stencil fixtures in our state-of-the-art facility in Tualatin, Oregon. They are manufactured with a heavy-duty (Electro-Static Discharge) ESD composite material. The Prototype SMT stencil fixture comes with:

  • An adjustable board fixture
  • A stencil fixture
  • A registration fixture


Small Fixture Large Fixture
Dimensions 10"X 10" 20"x14"
Min PCB Size 1.25"x1.75" 1.25"x1.75"
Max PCB Size 5"x 5.75" 13.5"x8.5"
SMT Stencil Sizes 7"x7" 16.14" x 10.14"

Board fixture

The Board Fixture

It contains fixed and sliding bars as well as PCB holders to provide board support. The fixed and sliding bars have a grid to help position the board on the fixture. It also contains rubber feet on the bottom side to enable double side printing and prevent the fixture from moving during the print process.

Registration fixture

The Registration Fixture

It can be rotated or moved vertically and/or horizontally to achieve perfect registration. It comes with powerful magnets to keep the fixture from moving during the printing process.

It also has four levers to lift the stencil fixture vertically to prevent the paste from smearing.

Stencil fixture

The Stencil Fixture

It has four aluminum bars to hold the SMT stencil and apply tension in all four directions for better printing. The handles on the top side are used to remove the stencil fixture to access the PCB.