SMT Carriers
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SMT Carriers

We offer prototype and production SMT Carriers (also known as surface mount carriers or process carriers). Prototype carriers are fabricated with high Tg FR4 (PCB material) to reduce manufacturing cost and lead time. They can also be fabricated with stainless steel using an infrared laser, the same type of laser used to manufacture SMT stencils. Production SMT carriers are made with an ESD composite, pressed fibre, thermoset plastic which can be machined to create SMT fixtures and wave pallets. SMT carriers are used to protect, support, and transport printed circuit boards of different sizes and shapes including flex and rigid-flex PCBs through the entire SMT process.

  • Reduce soldering defects
  • Reduce setup time
  • Enable handling of flex & rigid-flex PCBs
  • Improve repeatability
  • Reduce board warping
  • Reduce labor cost
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SMT Carriers are used during the entire SMT process especially when the printed circuit boards are too small for the conveyor system, have irregular shapes or have components too close to the edge. They are used during the printing process when applying solder paste on the bare boards. They are used during component placement and during the reflow process.

  • Process multiple individual printed circuit boards at the same time (e.g. the circuit boards are too small and should have been panelized).
  • Provide support for odd-shape PCBs.
  • Provide support for assemblies of flex and rigid-flex PCBs.
  • Process boards with SMT components too close to the edge of boards.
Stainless Steel FR4 Tg180 Thermoset Plastic
Printing Yes Yes Yes
Placing Yes Yes Yes
Reflowing No Yes Yes