M10 Lead-free Reflow Oven

M10 Lead-free Reflow Oven

Part Number: M10 Clock fast Lead Time: 4 weeks Pdf file Data Sheet

M10 Lead free Reflow oven is specially designed for mid-high volume production.
  • 10 upper and 10 bottom forced hot air convection zones allow high quality lead-free soldering with uniform heating and exceptional process stability
  • Temperature accuracy of ±1°C, ensure the best temperature control across the Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Mass production requirement in the range of 900-1400pcs/8hours (Take 300x300 PCB as reference)
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Total: $33,950.00

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Main Features

  • Self-developed controller, PC and on-line UPS form a stable, safe and efficient controlling system. The self-developed controller is specially designed for the lead-free wave solder machine and reflow oven. Compare with PLC, it has quicker response and more compatibility.
  • Brand electrical component like Schneider (German) breaker, Omron (Japan) box breaker, KETE (Korea) solid state relay, grantee the machines running stable.
  • Different PCB menus can be save to the PC, making it easier for the customer to edit and get PCB’s soldering information.
  • Dual thermocouple for each zone, one is for temperature controlling to center controller and PC, and the other one is for individual controller. In case center controller and PC have a failure, the controller will shut the machine off when temperature meet the setting limit. Making the machine 100% safe.
  • The machine is wiring under instruction of CE certification, 100% sure safety.
  • 10 upper and 10 bottom heating zones. The entire upper and bottom zones are forced air convection; providing uniform and accurate temperature.
  • CE certificated blower is specially designed for lead-free reflow oven. It runs stable and making low noise.
  • All the inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel making it really easy to clean.
  • Flux management system is standard for this series machine, it can keep the tunnel clean and reduce maintenance cycle.
  • The industrial chiller provides better cooling performance. With 1.1m length cooling length, it will meet Lead-free cooling requirement.
  • Stainless steel mesh belt and chain conveyor work together.
  • Conveyor rail with harden-treatment, longer life time and less wear.
  • Lubrication system controlled by PC, gives you control of the lubrication speed.
  • Hot air is blown to the PCB while on static pressure, making temperature uniform.
  • Heating zones can be opened removing 2 screws, it’s very convenient for cleaning and maintenance. Compared with some oven lift tunnel with air cylinder, it’s more safe and doesn't need air supply.
  • Specially designed heater elements, provide a very quick ramp up time, it takes just 15 minutes from ambient to setting temperature.


Other options for this machine

  • Optional Center board support for wider PCB.
  • Optional Dual rail system for narrow PCBs to transport in parallel.
  • Optional N2 feeding system with pipes and flow meters
  • Optional N2 analyzer.

PC Control

Get complete control of the entire process. Save different soldering options and edit whenever you want. Control lubrication speed via PC



Stainless steel chain and mesh belt conveyor can accept boards up to 450mm (17.7") and handle speeds up to 1500 mm/min (59"/min). All rail has been harden-treated for longer life


Heating Tunnel

With 10 upper and 10 bottom forced hot air heating zones get full profile control. Ideal for mid to high production


Cooling Zones

The outside industrial chiller provides better cooling performance. With 1.1m length cooling length, it will meet all your lead-free cooling requirements.

CE Certificated
Built with brand electrical components like Schneider (German) breaker, Omron (Japan) box relay and a powerful CE certificated blower, this oven is specially designed for lead-free reflow processes. Performing very stable runs and keeping noise lower than any other of its type.


Heating Zones Upper 10 hot air zones
Bottom 10 hot air zones
Heating Zone Length 149.61in
Machine Dimension L220.5 x W47.24 x H57 Inches
Net Weight 3527 LBS
General Power 65 KW
Power Consumption Approx. 8 KW--15 KW
Temperature Rising Time 13 Minutes
Ramp Time 18 minutes
Control Type Touch screen + PLC controlling
Heat Type fully forced hot air convection all Upper & bottom zones
Tem Control PID close-loop, SSR drive
Temp Range Ambinent-350°C
Temp Accuracy ±1°C
Temp Uniform ±2°C
Cooling Type Three cooling zones, industrial chiller
Conveyor Type Stainless steel mesh belt and chain conveyor
Conveyor Height 35.43±0.79in
Mesh Belt Width 17.71 Inches
Max Pcb Width 15.74 Inches
Pcb Clearance 1.18in
Conveyor Direction Left to right
Conveyor Speed 0-39.37 inches/minutes
Hood Lift Electrical screw pole
Power Supply 380v,3ph,50hz (Option: 220v, 3ph,60Hz or 220v,1ph,60hz)