SMBH-1000 Loader

SMBH-1000 Loader

Part Number: SMBH-1000 Clock fast Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

The SMBH-1000 incorporates its own fully programmable touch panel offering complete control over pitch, spacing, top or bottom loading ensuring quick and easy placement and removal of loaded magazines.
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The SMBH-1000 is fully SMEMA compatible offering working heights from 890mm - 975mm ensuring minimum installation time when connecting to peripheral equipment.

The fully programmable LCD display offers the operator clear and concise instructions easing the flow of production. Audible and visible alarms are also incorporated ensuring minimum disruption to production and thereby increasing throughput.

The SMBH-1000 offers smooth transfer of PCBs from the magazine rack to the adjoining equipment. Sensors protect the magazine rack platform from moving until the pusher has fully retracted to the home position.

DIMA offers a range of static dissipative PCB magazines suitable for PCB's up to 500 x 500 mm. DIMA's in-line production equipment offers today's customer the ability to produce complex products giving maximum flexibility, lower processing costs and higher yields.


Dimensions 67x59x86 Inch (1700x1500x2200 mm)
Weight 1764 (800kg)
Power 220 Vac 2500 Watt
Air 6 Bar / 85 PSI
Board Size Max 13x18 Inch (330x450mm)
Max Warpage 0.02"up 0.04"down (0.5mm up 1mm down)
Placement Rate Up to 4600 cph
Accuracy 0.1mm chip 0,05mmqfp
Feeder 44 8 or 12mm Max 132
Vision System ESI correct place
Cameras Up to 3 ccd cameras
Motion Linear encoder
Control Microprocessor + PC
Conveyor 3 mm belt