SY-338SP Entry Selective Soldering Machine

SY-338SP Entry Selective Soldering Machine

Part Number: SY-338SP Pdf file Data Sheet

This Selective Soldering Machine SY-338SP, is used for Soldering and rework soldering of Thru hole components.
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Main Features

Wave soldering
time can be set
  • Wave soldering height can be set.
  • High precision digital temperature controller for temperature setting and display, temperature control precision can reach ±1 .
  • Equipped with motor protection circuit, motor would not run if solder pot temperature do not reach setting value.
  • Equipped with stainless steel solder pot
  • Various soldering nozzle is choosable to meet different process requirement


Solder pot capacity 15 KG
Wave solder heightWeight 50 mm
Temperature control 100~450 °C
Heater power 1200 W
Soldering time control 1~60S
Power Supply 220V50HZ
Product Size L600xW400xH280mm
Net Weight Net Weight


  • PCB bracket
  • Cooling fan
  • Laser positioning device
  • Soldering nozzle

Optional nozzle specification

TP-16 13X25 11X23 14~16Pin IC
TP-20 13X30 11X28 18~20Pin
TP-28 21X40 19X38 24~28Pin
TP-34 8X47 6X45 Plug-34Pin
TP-40 8X54 6X52 Plug-40Pin
TP-42 21X60 19X58 36~40Pin IC
TP-50 8X67 6X65 Plug 50Pin
TP-100 26X63 24X61 54~64Pin IC
TP-1040 20X100 18X98 Connector and others
TP-1050 12X42 10X40 Connector and others
TP-1080 12X82 10X80 Connector and others
TP-10100 12X102 10X100 Plug
TP-10130 12X132 10X130 Plug
TP-13100 15X102 13X100 Plug
TP-13120 15X122 13X120 Plug