Ersa Soldering Station i-CON 2 with Solder Iron & SMD Tweezer

Ersa Soldering Station i-CON 2 with Solder Iron & SMD Tweezer

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Soldering station i-CON2 offers all the value-added features of the revolutionary i-CON in a double iron digital station with multiple soldering and desoldering tools for best results with printed circuit boards.
  • Temperature range: (in °C 150 - 660 °F)
  • Preheating time (in seconds) : 9s
  • Antistatic design (yes / no) : yes
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Tools are automatically detected when inserted into the station and a pre-determined program is started. The CHIP TOOL offers a wide range of SMT desoldering tips for safe and fast removal of the smallest chips and perfect for printed circuit board assemblies.This includes: i-CON2 soldering station, complete, with i-TOOL soldering iron, tip, holder and dry sponge with container as well as with CHIP TOOL desoldering pincette, tips and holder 120 W / 110-120 V, 50-60 Hz / 24V 150 W max. 2 x 20 W (660 °F) approx. 9 s (660 °F) approx. 50 s (540 °F) subject to tips 300 °F - 840 °F 300 °F - 840 °F subject to tips approx. 30 g approx. 75 g.


Power Rating (Watt) 80 W
Supply (Volt) 110-120
Secondary voltage (Volt) 24V
Temperature Range (in °C) 150 - 450
Preheating Time (in Seconds) 9
Design Soldering Tips Long-life tip
Antistatic Design (Yes / No) Yes
Digital Display (Yes / No) Yes
Weight (g) 3,690
Replacement Heating Element (Order-No.) 010102J