F-1 Axial Component Trimmer/Former

F-1 Axial Component Trimmer/Former

Part Number: Axial Clock fast Lead Time: 3 weeks

The F-1 Axial Component Trimmer/Former, Cuts & bends each side of an axial components to 90° for horizontal mount (flush mount) configuration.
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High speed output of 26 components per turn. Easy to use set-up gauge.
Upgradable with motor drive & counter (DAC), and reel holder (RH-1).
Any Novastar handcrank component former can be mounted on the same motorized drive and counter.

Main Features

F-1 is a handcrank unit
  • Fast, rotary machine (26 components per revolution)
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Optional Reel Holder available (RH-1)
  • Optional Bender tooling for 0.030" (0.76mm) to 0.050" (1.25mm) lead diameters
  • Can cut only (no bending) with optional Cut Only Tooling.
  • Can cut and apply a 90° bend to only one side of an axial component with optional hairpin tooling; usually used for vertical mount (hairpin) configuration.


F-1 Axial Component Trimmer/Former
Processing Speeds 26 components per turn