Hakko FM-204 Solder/Desolder Station

Hakko FM-204 Solder/Desolder Station

Part Number: Hakko FM-204 Solde Clock fast Lead Time: in stock Pdf file Data Sheet

The Hakko FM-204 is a high performance desoldering station with a self contained vacuum pump that can also be used as a high performance soldering station when used with the FM-2027 connector. The FM-204 was specifically designed for desoldering lead-free solders with prototype printed cirtuit boards.
  • Temperature range: 200 - 450°C (400 - 840°F)
  • Built in vacuum pump
  • Temperature accuracy ±15°C
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The FM 204 Desoldering station is even easier to use with prototype printed circuit boards. It includes a vacuum pump type desoldering tool, with an excellent thermal recovery. It has an intergrated nozzel controlling both the heating element and a sensor that provides higher thermal recovery than conventional tips. The sleep fncion that woks with the iron holder curbs the oxidation of nozzels.

Main Features

Built in vacuum pump
  • Temperature range 200 - 450°C (400 - 840°F)
  • Temperature accuracy ±15°C
  • Quick-change composite nozzels (N3 series)
  • Auto shutoff
  • Gun or Pencil-style desoldering handpiece designed for pcb circuit boards
  • Sleep mode functionality

Kit Includes

  • FM2024-02 - Desoldering handpiece
  • A1511 - Filter pipe assembly
  • B2972 - Control Card
  • B2419 - Power cord
  • Fh200-05 - Iron Holder, Sleep
  • B2872 - Handle
  • B2873 - Cleaning drill
  • B2876 - Nozzel Remover
  • B2300 - Heat resistant pad
  • A1514 - Ceramic paper filter
  • Instruction Manuel


Power Consumption (Watts) 120 W
Temperature Range 200° - 450°C
Temperature Stability ±5°C (±9°F)
Temperature Accuracy ±15°C (±27°F)
Output Voltage 24V
Weight 8.1 lbs
Power Consumption 70W
Tip-to-Ground Resistance < 2 ohms
Tip-to-Ground Potential < 2mV
Cord Length in. 47 in.