HS-800 SMT Nozzle Cleaning Machine

HS-800 SMT Nozzle Cleaning Machine

Part Number: HS-800 Clock fast Lead Time: 4 weeks Pdf file Data Sheet

The HS-800 can wash 30 nozzles at one time, using high pressure D.I water for cleaning and drying.
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The machine has a small tank to place the D.I water, and the water consumption is not much. This machine has very good cleaning performance and it's a good solution to clean the nozzles. A customized nozzle tray can be made

Main Features

Centralized waste
collection, easy maintenance
  • Standard for 30 nozzles, reduce time to change nozzles by using the nozzle holder, achieve high efficiency.
  • Compatible nozzles: Panasonic ,Fuji, Juki, Yamaha, and Samsung pick and place machines.
  • will need an air compressor for washing and drying functions.
  • Full inspection window for easy maintenance and operation.
  • Using Industrial pure water, not harmful for all types of nozzles and reflector panel.
  • With a malfunction alarm and emergency braking system, with overload protection system.
  • The machine with streamline design, elegant appearance;
  • Touch screen + PLC distributed control, stable and reliable performance;


Size(L*W*H) 598*396*365mm
Power 3 phase 2 wire 2P2W,220V,50/60Hz,20A
Controlling Mode Touch Screen+PLC
Air Source Pure Compressed air
Admission pipe/Drainpipe φ8/φ6
Specs of Nozzle Tray Default 30 nozzles
Specs of cleaning nozzle 0201-2512inch
Noise 35-60dB