RB2000 Reballer Kit

RB2000 Reballer Kit

Part Number: RB2000

The RB2000 BGA Reballing Kit features durable stencils and holders to manually rework BGA components to original condition. With this BGA Rework tool you can reball costly BGA's using your hot air rework stations or other reflow equipment.
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The BGA reballing process is very simple:
  • 1. Wick existing solder balls off of the BGA being repaired.
  • 2. Clean the surface with alcohol.
  • 3. Brush on fresh flux.
  • 4. Select the correct capture plate.
  • 5. Place the BGA in the RB2000 Reballer.
  • 6. Pour solder balls onto the BGA reballing stencil.
  • 7. Brush off the excess solder spheres.
  • 8. Reflow with your rework station or oven.
  • 9. Inspect your finished BGA.

Stencils and holders are available separately, so you can purchase only the stencils you need. All the standard stencils and holders are available as a kit for one of the easiest and least expensive BGA repair solutions. For fine pitch applications we offer the “Body Alignment” option that will allow for the stencil to be aligned to the component pads using the component body. This tool will ensure accurate alignment of the solder spheres to the BGA component.