BGA1600 Exact Maintenance System

BGA1600 Exact Maintenance System

Part Number: BGA1600 Clock fast Lead Time: 10 working days

The BGA1600 Repair workstation is a new product for the BGA chip repairing market. It deals with BGA, CSP, LGA (Land Grid Array), Micro SMD, MLF (Micro-Lead Frame), BCC (Bumped Chip Component) and assemble rework system for super dense foot chip. It is convenient and stable for all kinds of PCB, especially for large size PCBs.
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Main Features

Adopt best heating
material to control disassembles and welds
for BGA
  • Hot air and temperature can be adjusted, and the generating high temperatures rotates air.
  • Moving heating head, with easy operation.
  • Temperature can be controlled independently on the top and bottom and the heating temperature can be displayed.
  • A large powered motor fan can cool rapidly the PCB to perfection.
  • Hot air nozzle with different sizes. It is easy to replace.
  • Capable of adjusting PCB's frames with anti-scald protection design.
  • Support frame in the BGA welding district, adjust support height to avoid going down from the welding district.
  • 20 segments warm-up control, it can save 2 groups setting temperature profiles.
  • Alarm and reminder functions after disassembly and weld.
  • The circuit can cut off when short-circuit.
  • Super temperature protection function.
  • Hand vacuum absorb pen to absorb BGA, the suction can be adjusted.
  • It is suitable for lead and lead free welding.

Parts Listing

Aiming at part, control box, air pump, picture collection card, BNC linker, video frequency line, windpipe and power line. The display is excluded.


Input Voltage AC220V 50/60Hz 10A
System Power 1400W
Heating Power in the Bottom/Highest Temperature 600W/350
Pre-Heating Area in the Bottom 9.44" x 9.44" or 240mm x 240mm
Heating Power of Hot Air Head/Highest Temperature 800W/450
Temperature Feedback RTD sensor, close loop control
Flux of Hot Air Head 8,16,24 L/Minute can be chosen
Max Chip Size 2.75" x 2.75" or 70mm x 70mm
Min Chip Size 1mm x 1mm
Max Chip Weight 55g
Max PCB Size 13.77" x 13.77" or 350mm x 350mm
Max Thickness of PCB 3mm
Suitable Chip BGA, CSP, LGA( Land Grid Array), Micro SMD,MLF?BCC
Dimension 21.45" x 17.32" x 19.21" or 545mm x 440mm x 488mm
Weight About 44.09Lb or 20Kg
Adjustment Accuracy 0.025mm
Min Foot Space 0.3mm